Today's Tech Tip 10-25-18

Have you received a phone call or an email from the IRS stating that you owe back taxes and a warrant will be issued for your arrest?

Water, Water, Everywhere

It was late, and I was about to sit down to read when there is a knock at the ...

Today's Tech Tip 10-24-18

Do you know who is on your network? Wireless networks are everywhere. Unsecured and misconfigured wireless connections can allow someone to abuse the service that you pay for or try to compromise your computers. Older security methods like WEP are ...

Today's Tech Tip 10-23-18

After a breach, user credentials can end up for sale on the dark web. How do you know if you are a potential victim of a security breach? @haveibeenpwned #TodaysTechTip #NCSAM #CyberAware #StaySafeOnline #DontBeNext

Today's Tech Tip 10-22-18

Do you share passwords with co-workers? If you do share passwords it will make it difficult for auditors to determine who may have accessed or changed information.  

Today's Tech Tip 10-19-18

Are your company’s documents available on file sharing services like Google Drive and DropBox? Are you sure? These applications pose a huge threat to your company. #TodaysTechTip #NCSAM #CyberAware #StaySafeOnline #DontBeNext

Cyber Tribe

“Common sense, ain’t so common” has got to be the most advice rolled up in a yokel adage I have ever heard. Everyone seems to think they are on the intelligent side of the argument, but the fact is if ...

Today's Tech Tip 10-18-18

Do you take quizzes and surveys on social media? Seemingly innocent exercises like; “What Disney Character are you?” or “We can guess your age” will divulge details about your life to total strangers. Details that could be used in one ...

Today's Tech Tip 10-17-18

You receive an email that there has been a shooting at your child’s school. It includes a link to the latest details. You click the link, your screen flashes a couple of times but the expected website does not open. ...

Cybersecurity is a Team Sport

It’s week three of National Cyber Security Awareness month. This week the theme is “It’s Everyone’s Job to Ensure Online Safety ...