Many companies use a CDN to accelerate their content delivery for streamlining user experience. CDN solution is a specialized cloud-based solution for delivering internet content using a distributed system for direct digital content distribution.

Helping our customers establish CDN solutions for your customer’s needs so it becomes much more than a mechanism for reducing traffic bottlenecks. Our CDN solution advantages include improving user experience by using broadband more efficiently, managing multiple international branches with less latency and good response times, managing local branches with multiple CDN, handling temporary failures using other servers in the network, high reliability and security by preventing crashes during DDoS high volume traffic attacks.

  • CDN for Static Content
  • CDN for Portals
  • CDN with Dynamic Cache

CDN is a good solution for any size site or number of users. With CDN, your users can get a great user experience and will return to your clients site – and even if the site has a small number of users, CDN cost/benefit is high. Search engine like google prioritize a higher grade for fast content initiation. Your customer’s site can therefore be higher on the search results and SEO. For sites with more users, CDN relieves the traffic and reduces investment in central server resources while increasing the user experience.