Don't get caught off guard.

Do you know what software your company uses for electronic mail? If the answer to that is Exchange, do you know what version you are on? Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 reached end of life on 11 April 2017 . Per Microsoft: "After that date there will be no new security updates, non-security updates, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates." If you are still using this decade old solution, you will start running into more and more problems. Once updates stop it will only be a matter of time before cyber threats to your exchange server grow increasingly more sophisticated. Exchange Server 2007 was release the same year as the first generation iPhone. Now your users are more mobile than ever and they need a solution that can keep up with the growing demands for security, and collaboration. Exchange Server 2007 offered several innovations when it was released, in 2007, including enhancements to security and collaboration.


Security is at the center of what we focus on at TelStrong. If you are still using Exchange Server 2007, you are using software developed before the modern ransomware that is popular today (i.e. Cryptolocker). Do a quick search on "history of computer viruses" if you would like to see what keeps us up at night. The most recent monstrosity to catch the public eye, and rear its head from the depths of the dark web, was named Mirai; which means "the future" in Japanese. Cyber criminals are always looking for the next exploit, outdated software is one of the top exploits they look for. If you want to keep your security stance on it's toes, consider moving from a on premises Exchange Server to an agile, collaborative, all inclusive cloud solution (Office 365); or at least consider upgrading to the latest version. Cyber criminals are harnessing technologies built for "the future", shouldn't you do the same?


Since 2007 we have seen an explosion of collaboration technologies (Slack, Asana, Workfront, the list goes on), and if you are still on Exchange Server 2007 you’re behind the collaborative bell curve. Modern solutions like Office 365 offer more storage, more tools and less hassle than ever before. Office 365 includes collaboration software like Skype for Business, Teams and Yammer. Microsoft Teams has made us more productive as a company and according to ZDNet, Microsoft Teams rates pretty highly.  You can get your resources on any device, anywhere, and speedup workflow with innovative solutions built around your specific needs.

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