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“Children on the internet”, that statement terrifies me; I think it will be something I have to battle till I die. It is important to set some rules and concepts clearly in their minds so they can stay safe. The internet, like the world, is not a nice place, any vice is a google search, TOR browse, and a Bitcoin exchange away. That fact makes “compute” (your computer doing calculations on your internet so someone else can make some coin, or push child porn across the web) an ever more valuable commodity at the hands of the evil.

Primo Ad Space

Mirai taught us that it doesn’t need to be a super computer in a data center to steal compute from; they can infect your watch on your wrist and steal compute while your pumping iron at the gym; we both know it’s more like hop on the elliptical for a goal of 12 minutes, and hop off somewhere around 8. Oh yea, The kids, if the device is doing something “scary”, “weird”,  or otherwise offensive; lay the device screen down on a flat surface and place a jacket or pillow over it (to block noise, cameras, mics) always defaulting to informing a parent after every problem. Guess what Parent? Auntie? Responsible adult around any child because you should care about their wellbeing? YOU (the being, mind, or entity that is reading this statement) must take responsibility for that child’s access to games, apps, and services online. How many “Your cars extended warranty...” *CLICK*(never let them finish, it’s a recording anyway) calls have you gotten? Now imagine that for your children, but with online ads, “which Dsiney Princess are U?”, “Take Survey, Get Toys”,  “login to geta free piZZA”. Guess what, children love the idea of free pizza and toys, who could have guessed it? The “free Pizza” phish is still a good way to get adults honestly.

Never Waste an Opportunity

You thought you had to provide, entertain, and mold your kids, all the time, before; Now that draconian orders mandate “non-essential” personnel “Shelter in place” for fear of viral genocide…we have all become Teacher Mom, Nurse Dad, and Janitor Gran(fill in the blank). On top of “essential” workers full time duties, trying to find a spare minute to get to the empty grocery stores, and now states have the gall to stop citizens, asking for “essential personnel paperwork" (insert rolling on the floor laughing emoji,…make it several). With the many challenges of remote work, remote school, and remote socializing becoming the norm, companies are trying to help, I’m sure you have heard of the Madness spewing from the offices of Zoom; and that is a legitimate business that stakes its reputation on your 4.3 star review.

Zoom Madness

The trust you divvy out to these major corporations is where the wicked worms of the web live. There have been several hacking rings that have been phishing since the start of the “worst Virus of”…2020…. One of which used a clever trick as explained by one the titans in Cyber Sec Graham Clueley's Article  “Remember – there is no legitimate reason for Zoom to ask for your email address password. Don’t be too quick to click. Cybercriminals are exploiting the Coronavirus pandemic with social engineering techniques to trick unsuspecting users into clicking on malicious links.”, these key punchers were sending “Contract suspension / Termination Trial”  Emails from the preys “HR department”, then the victim was redirected to a “Zoom Login” duplicated to snarf their password. The moral of this story is criminals “never waste a good opportunity”, and while the rest of us are trying to figure out how to “hysteria proof” our economy, they are trying to drain your bank account.

Stay Safe, Happy Computing,
Jim Howard