Relax we've got your back with Proactive Network Monitoring

Proactive Network Monitoring (PNM) is now offered in our RMM service packages. With near real time monitoring and alerting we can gauge threats for expedient reactions to problems, it’s  likely that we will know when there is trouble before you do; we even can tell you when your printer is out of ink. TelStrong's PNM service provides a dynamic network diagram that is always up to date, as well as an environment aware of discrepancies, flexible to changes, and primed to keep your information and users safe. Thus, proactive network monitoring is key to keeping today’s complex voice and data networks running smoothly.

Chart showing Proactive Network Monitoring over time

Key Features

Our PNM service provides three important features to keep your network in top shape;

1. Network Discovery and Inventory: TelStrong uses an agent to identify and map out devices on your network. The agent keeps the network topology up to date by listening to the key network elements and updating the topology as it changes. PNM also keeps the latest configurations available to our team, for trouble shooting efforts.

2. Network Monitoring: Our Proactive Network Monitoring service keeps an eye on your network 24/7. Monitoring and logging network statistics and availability; PNM logs these metrics over time. We stay on top of important network events with both preconfigured and customizable alerting. When a critical network element is unavailable, we will automatically open a ticket with our network engineering team for resolution.

3. Network Troubleshooting: Once notified, PNM correlates the problem with monitoring metrics and errors that have been logged both historically and in real time. With this unique toolset, we can identify problems quicker, be better prepared for on-site visits and most importantly resolve problems faster.

When it comes to your network, you need to be prepared. Please contact us today, let us show you how we can make your company more resilient.